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Dean of the Libraries Student Advisory Council


The Dean of the Miami University Libraries Dean Student Advisory Council is created with the intent of facilitating potent dialogue between members of the student body and those in positions of administration. Recognizing that the University Libraries system is an integral aspect of both student and faculty development, it is deemed vital that a Dean’s Advisory Council be established to provide an effective mechanism for continuous improvement. The Libraries Dean Student Advisory Council ultimately seeks to foster growth in the realms of library program development, feedback for library administration, and allow for student input in administrative decisions.

Current Members

  • Matthew Vito - senior
  • Jack Shawler - senior
  • Isabell O’Hare (chair) - junior
  • Wilson Maier - junior
  • Alexander Dematatis - sophomore
  • Jackson Davis - sophomore
  • Laura Polanka - sophomore
  • Alex Cox - sophomore
  • Joseph Delaney - sophomore
  • Jerome U. Conley, ex officio, Dean and University Librarian.