Department/Dorm Delivery

Miami University faculty and graduate students teaching on the Oxford, Hamilton, Middletown, and the Voice of America campuses can request to have physical items (e.g., books, DVDs) found in the Miami University Libraries (MUL) collections or requested via OhioLINK or Interlibrary Loan (ILL) delivered to their department via campus mail.

MU students living on the Oxford campus can have these items be delivered to their dorms via campus mail.

Placing Requests

Prior to using this service, MU faculty, students, and staff will need to complete this:

When requesting items from the MUL collections, choose Department/Dorm Delivery as the pickup location.

When requesting items from OhioLINK, choose as the pickup location:

  • Department/Dorm Delivery - Oxford for delivery to the Oxford campus
  • Department Delivery - Voice of America for delivery to the Voice of America Campus
  • Department Delivery - Hamilton for delivery to the Hamilton campus
  • Department Delivery - Middletown for delivery to the Middletown campus

If you request physical items via ILL and would like them delivered to your department or dorm, contact the library once you receive notification your ILL item has arrived.

Keep in mind that turn-around time for your receipt of requested materials depends on many factors and cannot be guaranteed. For example, extra time will be needed if the item you requested must be sent from another campus library. Please plan accordingly and place requests in a timely manner.

Delivery Process

You will receive an email when the library has your requested item ready for delivery.

Items will then be checked out to you, addressed to the location you provided on the Department/Dorm Delivery Form, and placed in campus mail.

Items requested by faculty and graduate students will be delivered to the mail location found in their department. Items requested by dorm residents will be delivered to the mail pickup location in their dorms. Materials will arrive in mail envelopes or boxes, depending on item size. As material may not fit inside personal mailboxes, patrons are encouraged to check areas where larger packages are placed in the mail location of their department or dorm.

A small amount of loan period time will be lost while materials are in transit, typically no more than 72 hours. For this reason, patrons may wish to pickup items with short loan periods, such as videos and DVDs, at one of the campus libraries or use King Library’s Curbside Pickup service, Hamilton’s Curbside Pickup service , or Middletown’s Pickup service. If your items do not arrive at your department/dorm within 5 business days after you receive your email notification, please contact the library using the information found below.

Returning Items

Patrons are responsible for returning their own materials.

  • Library materials may be returned to an MU campus library or book drop.
  • Library materials can be returned through campus mail: however, it is done at the patron’s own risk as the MUL cannot be responsible for items lost or damaged in campus mail. Patrons are asked to return items through campus mail in the packaging they received them in. As items returned through campus mail will not be taken off a patron’s record until they actually arrive at the circulation desk, patrons should account for transit time when returning items this way to avoid accruing overdue fines.

Please contact the library with any questions about Home Delivery service.

Hamilton Campus Middletown Campus Oxford Campus
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